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Part 3 on Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pump myths.

Myth #5 – Heat pumps don’t work in our Central Pa climate.

Answer – If you said that in the mid-90’s, I would half-way agree with you.  Today, however, heat pump technology has evolved to a new level. The Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pumps are one of the most energy efficient ways to heat and cool your home.  The cooling efficiencies of the Mitsubishi units for the new Hyper-heat units are 30.5 SEER.  These are the highest I’ve found in researching the other major brands. Conversely, the heating capacities on these same units are fantastic.  They have been tested to -5 degrees at 100% heating capacity and to -13 degrees at 85% heating capacity.

These types of numbers were unheard of for heat pumps just a few years ago. Many current customers have drastically reduced their overall energy spend with the new units. Whether the previous fuel source was heating oil, liquide propane or electricity from baseboard or electric cable, some saw massive decreases in their monthly fuel bills. Additionally, the fluctuations in oil and propane in recent years have created difficulty for customers to estimate their monthly expenses. The ductless heat pumps can help to level that variable expense.

Goodco Mechanical has become the expert in ductless heat pumps in Central Pa. Our sales professionals, installers and service technicians have sold and worked on hundreds of Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems and can provide you awesome comfort in your home or business.



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