Before we talk about what we can predict, let’s talk about what we can’t.

In last year’s Farmer’s Almanac their prediction states: “Winter will be colder than normal, with near-normal precipitation and above-normal snowfall. The coldest periods will be early December/ late January, and mid-to late February.” Guess what? That didn’t happen!

According to, “December 2022–February 2023 was the Northern Hemisphere’s fifth-warmest meteorological winter.”  This reality made for a not-so-good start to 2023 for HVAC contractors and vendors since we tend to rely on frigid temperatures to “fuel our sales” (pun intended). I overheard one vendor salesman in our office say he can’t remember a worse first quarter of sales in over twenty years… WOW!

So, since we couldn’t predict the weather this past winter, what makes us think we can predict
the upcoming summer temps? We can’t with any real accuracy. However, one thing we do know is that it will get warmer, and people will use their air conditioning.

Over the recent years, we’ve seen a lot more residents adding air conditioning systems to their homes more than they’ve had in years past. With that in mind, let’s talk about what we can determine with relative accuracy.

#1 Costs of equipment: Materials and labor costs are increasing, (shocker) much more than we have seen in decades. Not only have the price increases been higher than ever, but they seem to be increasing faster and more often. Additionally, government regulations are not only raising the cost of equipment, but that equipment now requires more efficiency and a new type of refrigerant. What does this mean for you?  Don’t wait to repair or replace your old heating or AC system. Take the time now to invest in repairing or replacing your unit. In the end, it will save you money and headache.

#2 Emergency situations are harder to respond to due to supply chain issues: While some lead times are improving, overall, it’s harder to get equipment and parts as quickly as we once did prior to COVID. Waiting to pull the trigger for a repair or part replacement could have a serious impact as your home could go for a long period of time without heat or AC.

#3 The economy has been very unpredictable: And that is affecting many customers’ ability to make large purchases. We are seeing an increase in the number of people utilizing the financing options. Homeowners should consider different financing options when looking to replace existing

#4 The cost of an HVAC system can be one of the largest purchases a homeowner will make.  In many cases, this expense can exceed that of a vehicle. If you’re spending that kind of money
to heat and cool your home, you should make sure you have a reputable HVAC contractor, like Goodco Mechanical, to perform regular maintenance. Not only do many equipment warranties require it, but it makes common sense that regular maintenance will increase the life span, improvement, and efficiency, of your system.  Think back to the vehicle purchase statement– would you buy a brand new car and never change the oil, purchase new tires or replace an air
filter? Why invest in something and not take care of it?

Don’t gamble with your future by trusting the “experts” with their crazy predictions. Contact the Good Guys to get the real scoop!

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