UV & Filter

Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting for Clean, Comfortable Air

Take a stand against molds, bacteria, viruses and other irritants that can be circulating in your air with the help of UV lamps and air filters. UV Lamps drench your cooling coil with intense UV-C light that sterilizes coil surfaces, while filters capture harmful bacteria.

We recommend changing filters at least every 3 months, but every 1 to 2 months may serve you better depending on your lifestyle.

UV Lamps

Ultraviolet air purifiers are a new form of technology intended to substantially improve air quality and remove detrimental microbial particles that may be present in the air. UV air filters kill these particles without any actual filtration, but rather with rays of ultraviolet light that incinerate them as they pass through it.

Air Filters

An air filter is a vital part of your home’s forced air HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. Most homes have at least two filters that stand guard over your home’s air; their specific job is to remove bacteria and harmful particles, regularly cleansing the air.


Here are some of the UF and filtration products that we recommend and install. Download the Breathe Easy Brochure to learn more about indoor air quality, products and pricing.

REME Halo UV Light & Air Purifier

This air purifier is for homeowners who want the best protection against viruses, bacteria, and mold spores, both in the air and on the surfaces in their home. The REME Halo UV Light & Air Purifier greatly helps the efficiency of existing filters in catching airborne allergens.

AprilAire 200 Merv 13 Media Filter

This air filter is the best choice for homeowners who suffer from moderate allergies and want to improve their home’s air quality at an affordable price.

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