Cracked Hardwood Floors

As winter approaches and you turn the heating system on in your home, the temperature is not the only thing that’s important. One often overlooked item is the amount of moisture in the air. During the air conditioning season, your goal is to remove the moisture to make the space feel cooler. In the winter, it’s the exact opposite. So why is a humidifier necessary on a hot air system?

I’ve attached an excellent article that describes in great detail “7 Benefits of a Humidifier.” One major reason that most people aren’t aware of is that by adding humidity you can actually reduce your energy costs. How can that be? By increasing the humidity, the temperature actually feels warmer, allowing you to lower the temperature on the thermostat, ultimately saving you money. We have several types and sizes of humidifiers for every home and highly recommend you consider installing one for a host of reasons. Enjoy the attached article.

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