There’s an old business adage that says, “What if I train my people and they leave?” The opposite of that thought process is “What if I don’t train my people and they stay?” That’s the more important question.

We’ve made a commitment to our employees and our customers to continually improve ourselves. In fact, Continuous Improvement is one of our five core values at Goodco. At our manager’s meeting this week, I asked for a training update for the upcoming month and the list was almost overwhelming. Here’s a sampling of some of the training that as many as 45 employees will be attending in late September and October.

CPR/First Aid
Combustion Analysis
Visioning & Leadership
Airside Diagnostics
Mitsubishi M&P Service Essentials
Connected Healthy Home
Kitchen Table Selling
Commercial Rooftops & Split Systems
Service Dispatcher Training
Top Gun Tech Webinar

Some business owners look at training as a pure expense. At Goodco, it’s an investment in our future and that of our employees. In order to thrive in today’s everchanging world, this mindset is what we’re hoping will allow us to grow by retaining and recruiting the best and the brightest.

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