I love traveling. Our most recent trip took us to Dublin, Ireland with Peirce Phelps, one of our largest vendors. They do a spectacular job of treating their customers to wonderful trips and events. This one was no exception. When I travel, I love taking pictures of beautiful vistas, historic sites and yes…..weird plumbing and HVAC stuff.





The stainless steel “pee wall” picture comes from a bathroom at The Olde Castle Bar in Donegal, Ireland.  It was an old horse and carriage house next to the Donegal Castle.  For those Penn Staters familiar with the troughs at the Skellar men’s room, this is a glorified version of those useful contraptions.



I love the elevated tanks for urinals and water closets in Ireland. I assume their water pressure is low which requires the tank high on the wall but, in any case, it makes for an interesting picture.

I suppose I probably overdo the whole plumbing thing from the Emerald Isle but when you’re drinking Guinness throughout the day, it tends to cross your mind every so often:-)


Here’s a picture of the northern Coastal Causeway that just doesn’t do this beautiful country justice.



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