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After 7 years focused on servicing the State College and surrounding areas, Goodco has made the decision to expand its service area.  We’ve decided to expand our HVAC and Plumbing services into Huntingdon, Blair and Mifflin Counties.  It makes perfect sense for us to provide the same award winning service of our awesome installers, salespeople, dispatchers and service technicians in those counties.


Our goal as an organization has always been to provide unsurpassed customer service to our residential and commercial customers.  The number of positive referrals we receive as a result of our employees’ efforts on a daily basis is humbling.  We believe that Goodco has set the bar high and we want to take that same effort “on the road”.  Although, that term is really a misnomer because many of our employees live in towns like Huntingdon, Altoona, Tyrone, Mt Union and Bellwood.  In fact, they leave their hometowns to come and work in State College.





So, our strategy is “Let’s allow our Huntingdon, Blair and Mifflin County employees take care of their families, friends and neighbors with the same exemplary service those in State College have been receiving.”  What a novel idea and it only took us 7 years to figure it out!

One of the main differences in dealing with Goodco is the ongoing communication with our customers.  We try to keep you in the loop from the time you call us until the work is completed to your satisfaction.  One of our slogans is “You know the price before we start the work”.  That means we’ll tell you how much things will cost and get your approval before we start spending your hard earned money.  Your only obligation to us is a diagnostics fee for figuring what is wrong.  It’s like getting a quote on a car repair before the garage spends a bunch of money you didn’t want to spend.  The customer is in control, just like it should be.


So….give us a try at or  814-238-8180.  We’re The Good Guys!!

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