Tax day, April 15th, has come and gone.  We hope the government didn’t fleece you too bad this year and there might be a little something coming your way in the mail soon.  So what are you to do with that unexpected cash?  You could go to Disney World with every other insane family.  You could buy a new motorcycle and cruise from biker bar to biker bar.  Not that either of these is a bad idea but I have another one…How about investing in a new energy-efficient heating and cooling system?  Holy crap Scott could you be any more boring??  I get it, heating and air conditioning is not sexy and there are so many other awesome things you could spend your money on.


Let’s look at some facts.  Many homes in our area, even homes in some of the newer developments are over 20 years old and most still have the original furnace or heat pump in them.  Did you know that the average life of one of these pieces of equipment is 15-18 years years with regular maintenance?  R-22 refrigerant which is used in nearly all air conditioning equipment over ten years old is being phased out.  The stockpile of R-22 is dwindling and the price is soaring.  Ongoing repairs to older equipment will get more expensive every year as the cost of this refrigerant continues to climb.  R-410A which is used in all new residential equipment is more environmentally friendly and currently about one third the cost of R-22 per pound.

Newer heat pumps, furnaces and boilers are substantially more energy-efficient than older models.  Products like the Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pumps and the Bryant Evolution Extreme heat pump can save up to 40% in energy over older systems and are efficient heating to temps below zero.  There are manufacturer and utility rebates on many of these products making the payback very reasonable.  Financing can also make that pruchase more affordable and we can offer that as well with excellent “same as cash” terms.


old furnace

So, now that you’ve considered some of the options and faced the reality that that old furnace ain’t what she used to be, let’s get together and talk about improving your comfort, lowering your energy bills and keeping you out of the biker bars.  Enjoy the rest of your year after Tax Day.


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