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The new Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating h2i multi-zone, hyper-heat, ductless heat pump is now available.  Well that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?

We’ve been hearing about the new h2i for almost a year and have already pre-sold and started installing these systems in January.  What makes them so revolutionary that we can’t stop talking about them?

The first thing is the heating capacities.  Sized properly, these units can provide heat efficiently down to 13 degrees below zero without supplemental backup heat.  “Say what?”

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Heat down to 13 degrees below zero!  That’s right.  And the new design allows mutliple indoor units (up to 5) on a single outside unit.  These units are incredibly quite, efficient and easy to install.  Each unit can be individually controlled to maximize efficiency and heat and cool your home exactly where you really need it.  There are several indoor units or “heads” as they are called available for consumers.  They come wall mount, floor mount, recessed-ceiling mount and horizontal ducted.


“Please, tell us more.”  Certainly.


The units are variable speed which allows them to continue to minimally circulate air in the room without overheating or overcooling.  They come with wireless or remote wired controls and are Energy Star rated.  They have an anti-allergen enzyme filter to help allergy and asthma sufferers.  And, if all that’s not enough, they air condition as efficiently as anything on the market today.


We haven’t been this excited about a new product hitting the market in an awful long time.  We’re extremely pleased to be a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor and be allowed to offer a 7 year parts warranty and utility company and manufacturer rebates when available.  This will definately change the way people approach their heating and air conditioning with or without ductwork.


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