Something occurred this past week that made me want to embelish on a previous post  about regular maintenance I made about a month or so ago.  I have attached several pictures our technicians recently took.

clogged air filtersDirty filter 1


You are looking at air filters that are completely clogged with dirt, dust, pollen, animal hair, etc.  When this occurs, major damage to your HVAC equipment can result.  When an air filter becomes this dirty, it is impossible for air to pass through the filter and across a refrigeration, heating or cooling coil.  When it’s a coil carrying refrigerant as in a heat pump or air conditioner, the coil can freeze up due to a lack of heat transfer that happens when air passes over the coil.  This shuts down the system and can cause consequential damage.  Additionally, when the ice on the coil eventually melts, it can cause water damage to the unit and whatever is nearby.

Do not allow this to happen to your equipment as it can substantially shorten its life, reduce energy efficiency and make a real mess. Make sure your filters are changed regularly whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.  Goodco Mechanical has residential and commercial maintenance agreements for nearly 1,000 customers.  Our customers understand the benefits and appreciate not having to remember to schedule themselves since we try to be proactive and let you know when it’s time have us visit.  Give the Good Guys a call at 238-8180 to request information or schedule an appointment.

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