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I can’t say enough things about the power of a good reference from a satisfied customer.  As a business owner, you get to hear the good and the bad from customers, vendors, etc.  Over the past 7 years as the “proud” owner of Goodco Mechanical, I have heard so many positive comments from our customers about our people and their performance that sometimes I feel I’m beginning to take them for granted.  Rarely does a single day go by that I either, personally receive a call or email, or someone comes to me with a glowing reference from a customer.  In our industry, that is not “normal”.  The other day, I was visiting one of our projects and happened to have a conversation with the customer while I was there.  He told me that his wife had asked four different friends who they would recommend to do the HVAC work in their home, and all four said Goodco.  How cool is that?

As part of our appreciation for customers who do residential projects with us, we send a special gift at the completion of the work.  In addition to the gift, there is a survey included that can either be filled out and mailed or completed online.  Over the past 2 years, we have received 167 reviews from our customers, overwhelmingly positive.  I have included the link to the website “To Your Success” so you can see what some of our customers have to say.

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Thanks to our customers for the positive words and equally as important, thanks to our employees who understand the real meaning of customer service and live it every day of their lives.  You make my job so enjoyable!!

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