Many people with oil boilers and oil furnaces feel they have few alternatives and are stuck with that smelly old beast in the basement forever.  There are options to reduce and even eliminate that the need for the oil truck in your driveway.  Goodco has two excellent solutions: one for the boiler and one for the furnace.  In a recent blog, I elaborated on the difference between a boiler and a furnace.  In short, a boiler makes hot water and a furnace makes hot air.  Therefore, a boiler has hot water piping which usually runs to baseboard heaters or radiators.  The furnace on the other hand, usually has ductwork running throughout the home to different rooms.


Let’s start with the boiler and hot water piping.  In most cases, the heat from these is very good but very expensive to make.  Air conditioning, if it exists, is often through bulky, loud, inefficient window air conditioners.  The perfect solution to reduce the oil usage and eliminate the window





AC units is the Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating ductless heat pump.  Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pump


These units provide individual room control are energy efficient and incredibly quiet.  The most popular units mount on the wall above eye level and have an individual remote control.  There is also a unit that can be mounted in an attic and ducted to serve several rooms at a time.  This setup works well for bedrooms that only get intermittent use.  There are a bunch of advantages to the Mitsubishi ductless units.  The first is that, since they’re a heat pump, they can eliminate the need for using an oil boiler until the temperatures get into the 20’s.  This covers a good part of the heating season and can drastically reduce oil usage.  On the upgraded H2i model, the unit can still provide adequate heat in subzero temperatures which can completely eliminate the need for the boiler at all.  This technology is continuing to improve every year.  Additionally, this unit can also provide air conditioning in the summer.  Goodco has installed hundreds of these systems in Central Pa over the past few years with raving reviews from our customers.


The solution to an oil furnace is the Bryant Evolution Extreme heat pump.

Bryant Extreme Heat Pumps



These units completely replace the need for an oil tank and furnace.  While regular heat pumps only provide sufficient heat below 20 degrees without a supplemental heat source like an electric coil , the Bryant Extreme heat pump can go well into the single digit temperatures while still providing 100 degree air.  This unit qualifies as an Energy Star 2014 Most Efficient model.  Again, Goodco has had great success with these units and in fact, I intend to install these units in my new home we will be building next year.

I am personally on a one-man-crusade to rid Central Pa of home heating oil.  It is inefficient, smelly and expensive to use.  Don’t go another year without at least checking out options.

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