I don’t think I’ve ever been asked this specific question about preventive maintenance but, I know plenty of people who believe that preventive maintenance is a waste of time and/or money.  So, how do I answer that question?

I usually compare our HVAC industry to the car industry because people understand their vehicles far better than they do their comfort system.  It amazes me how folks will religiously change the oil and rotate their tires on a car they spent $15,000 for but refuse to have maintenance performed on a whole house comfort system they spent the same amount to have installed.  The advantages of regular HVAC maintenance can include extended useful life, better energy efficiency, less allergens in the air and better overall home comfort.  Another advantage can be the reduction of inconvenient and nuisance repairs that always seem to happen over the holidays or when you have family or friends visiting.  Also, most equipment manufacturer warranties require regular maintenance occur in order for them to honor those warranties.  That includes the first year that many homeowners ignore when the equipment is brand new.

Most HVAC companies, like Goodco Mechanical have standard agreements for homeowners and most, like Goodco, will offer discounts to those customers for repairs that occur outside the scope of the maintenance.  Things break…especially mechanical things.  Do your due diligence when selecting an HVAC service provider and make sure they are reputable and offer additional discounts for your loyalty. We look forward to being your HVAC service provider of choice.

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