I spent last week with my family in Ireland. It had some of the most beautiful vistas I’ve ever scene and the beer wasn’t to shabby either. If you ever get a chance to visit the Emerald Isle…GO! I promised some HVAC information when I came back so amidst all the scenery shots, I managed to snap a few HVAC and plumbing pics and gather some info.

Generally, Ireland is a heating only country. Since the average daytime temps while we were there hovered in the low 60’s, other than a crowded pub, air conditioning is not necessary. I did see several ductless heat pumps in the Olde School House Pub in Swords near Dublin.

ductless heat pump

Nearly all of the heating is done via hot water boilers and radiators. They come in all sizes and shapes. We also found several electric radiators in the Cahir Castle as well as cast iron hot water in St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin.

electric radiatorselectric radiators20140629_182140_resized_1electric radiatorselectric radiators


At the last B&B we stayed at in Swords, the San Augustine, they had added a solar hot water heating system to supplement their natural gas boiler and water heater.  Anna, the owner expected to have the 20,000 euro system paid off in about 7 years with the energy savings.

solar hot water heating systemsolar hot water heating system


Next week, a few plumbing items from this beautiful country as well as some other cool pics. Sit back and have a pint or two.


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