I am very blessed to be surrounded by an awesome group of employees.  I believe one of the things that differentiates Goodco Mechanical from so many of our competitors is the talented workforce that interacts with our customers and those that support the folks on the “frontline”.  I decided that when I started Goodco in 2008, I wanted to set the bar for customer service and employee satisfaction so high that even if we weren’t able to get over it every day, just making the attempt to get us there would differentiate us in the marketplace.  Our employees truly “get it” when it comes to servicing our customers.  I am so proud everyday to be associated with such a great bunch of people that represent our organization so well.  I hear so many positive employee compliments each day from our customers and vendors that it makes me want to get up every morning and make our company a better place in which to work.  The picture is from one of our quarterly company meetings where we enjoy a barbeque lunch or catered breakfast as an appreciation for everyone’s hard work.  I’m damn happy to be a “Good Guy”!

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