Today’s post is regarding the Bryant Evolution Extreme heat pump.  It is one of the most awesome products we’ve seen in years.  I’ve attached a link to their website but wanted to provide some preliminary information to get your attention.  The Extreme came out several years ago and we have found it to be one of our customer’s favorite products.  It is Bryant’s top-of-the-line heat pump and can be paired with a gas furnace for one of the most efficient hybrid systems on the market.  The real advantage we see is in the winter months.  The Bryant is still providing air temperatures of near 100 degrees fahrenheit even when the outdoor temperatures are approaching zero.  It has some of the best energy efficiency ratings on the market and the variable speed operation helps provide maximum confort without the high energy bills.


At Goodco, we like to use the phase “The Evolution Extreme is the closest thing you can get to geothermal without drilling holes in your yard.”  In fact, I am planning to build my own home within the next year or so and intend to utilize the Extreme heat pump over geothermal despite the tax credits that still exist through 2016.  The payback on the geothermal will be much longer than what I can expect with the Extreme.  Additionally, if you’re replacing an existing system and considering geothermal, the Evolution Extreme is a much better replacement option and far more economical both in the short and long run.




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