This is not the season for procrastinating, especially with your heating system or water heater. It’s time to be proactive and not reactive. Why is now different than before?

Having your comfort system or water heater maintained is so important with all of today’s variables. First, energy prices are skyrocketing across the board. Attempting to use a dirty system not only can cause damage to the equipment, but it will also use more energy. Regular maintenance helps the efficiency as well as extend the useful life of that equipment.

Part two of this equation is the ongoing issues with supply chain. Parts and equipment that used to be readily available now can take weeks and sometimes months to procure. In addition, the cost of those items have seen major increases that could lighten your wallet substantially.

Being proactive by scheduling your regular maintenance now can save you money and reduce your aggravation when your unit stops working at the most inconvenient time.

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