Zoned Comfort in
Your Split-Level

The Ductless Solution for YOUR Home

Split-level homes became popular in the 1960s and, while groovy, they present some challenges when it comes to keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Although new models are still being built, many split-level or split-entry homes are older, with electric baseboard or radiant heat. The only option for cooling them is window A/C units, which are noisy, inefficient, and let’s face it- a pain to install.  Multiple levels with older heating systems and the need for multiple window A/C units make it tough — and expensive — to keep the whole home at a comfortable temperature.

Does your home look similar to one of these? A new ductless heating and cooling system from Mitsubishi Electric is the energy-efficient solution for whole-home comfort — no ductwork required.

All-Weather, Whole-Home Comfort

No ductwork is no problem for Mitsubishi Electric. Mitsubishi Electric Ductless heating and cooling systems were designed specifically to solve this problem. They offer zoned comfort, so you can adjust the thermostat for different temperatures on different levels, or even in different rooms. You can even turn off the heat or A/C in unused rooms, lowering your monthly bills.

A Mitsubishi Electric ductless system also allows you to say goodbye to noisy window air-conditioning units. Your entire home can be air-conditioned, and it’s whisper-quiet — no ductwork needed!

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