As Fall slips into Winter, it’s good to have a heater you can rely on, serviced by a company you can trust. At Goodco, we bring attention to detail, the latest in diagnostic tools, and years of experience to your home comfort needs. Whether it’s a quick fix or whether you need a brand new heating system installed, we’ve got Bryant® products to solve almost any problem at any budget. When it comes to bringing you whole-home comfort, we’re ready to do Whatever It Takes.


We’ve got a full line up of efficient, energy-saving home heating system options that can help you save money when things cool down. You can trust that our work is done right, and our line of air conditioners is backed by Bryant, meaning you can make your home nice and cozy for spending time this winter while keeping your family warm and your wallet full. Bryant. Whatever It Takes® .

Heater FYIs

Here is some straighforward information to help you decide which Bryant heating solution is right for your home and budget.

What Does AFUE Rating Mean?

AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency and it measures the efficiency of a gas furnace. The higher the percentage, the more efficient your machine. AFUE is a ratio: Annual heat output of a furnace or boiler v.s. total annual fossil fuel energy consumed by the furnace or boiler. If your rating is 80 percent, then 80 percent of the energy consumed is being used to heat your home and the other 20 percent escapes as exhaust.Consumer Reports says that a 90 percent AFUE can cost about $1,000 more than a similar sized 80 percent AFUE, but “that additional cost can generally be recouped in lower fuel bills over the lifetime of the furnace.”

Gas Valve Types

What’s the difference between single, two-stage or modulating gas valves? Single-stage valves run at full capacity all of the time. Two-stage valves run at 65% capacity most of the time and full capacity during extreme temps. Modulating valves use more stages which allows for precision temperature control.A single-stage valve may offer the lowest initial investment, but it can cause high monthly energy bills. A two-stage valve is quieter and more efficient, while modulating valves are the most intelligent on the market and can save you big on energy costs over their lifetime.


Evolution® Variable-Speed Gas Furnaces

Evolution® Series Gas Furnaces provide quiet, smooth, whole-home comfort. You’ll hardly hear it running as you get cozy with up to 98.3% AFUE savings. Features including variable speed airflow or Perfect Heat® technology can keep you comfortable year round.


SEER Rating

Gas Valve Type

987M up to 98.3% Modulating
986T up to 96.5% Two-Stage
315A 80% Two-Stage

Preferred™ Series Variable & Multi-Speed Gas Furnaces

Experience outstanding wintertime comfort and savings from a Preferred™ Series Gas Furnace. The ultra-quiet performance and consistent airflow from these units can reduce hot and cold spots throughout the home. These furnaces offer superior summer humidity control, in addition to consistent warmth all winter long. Let the Preferred Series be the focal point of your year-round comfort.


AFUE Rating

Compressor Type

926T up to 96.5% Two-Stage
925T up to 96.2% Two-Stage 
925S up t0 96.2% Single-Stage 
922S up to 92.1% Single-Stage
314A 80% Two-Stage
312A 80% Two-Stage
312A 80% Single-Stage

Legacy™ Line Fixed-Speed Gas Furnaces

With a Legacy™ Line gas furnace, you can rely on excellent, dependable comfort year-round. These furnaces feature insulated cabinets for quieter operation. Stay comfortable in your home with the reliable Legacy Line of gas furnaces.


AFUE Rating

Compressor Type

915S up to 95% Single-Stage
912S up to 92.1% Single-Stage 
310A 80% Single-Stage 
311A 80% Single-Stage


Preferred™ Series Oil Furnaces

Bryant® Preferred™ Series oil furnaces operate quietly and efficiently with an AFUE rating of up to 86.6%. Keep your home warm all winter while keeping your wallet happy season after season. All of these models can be combined with a matched Bryant heat pump to create a HYBRID HEAT dual fuel system for optimum control over heating efficiencies.


AFUE Rating

OVL up to 86.6%
OVM up to 86.6%
CVM up to 85.7%

Legacy™ Line Oil Furnaces

Legacy™ Line oil furnaces deliver dependable efficiency and years of trouble-free heating to your home. With an AFUE rating of up to 82.4%, these furnaces warm evenly and efficiently, meaning you can rely on a comfortable, cozy winter.


AFUE Rating

OBL up to 86.6%
OBM up to 86%
CBL up to 82.6%
CBM up to 82.4%
314A 80%


Preferred™ Series Boilers

Bryant’s Preferred™ Series boilers combine high-efficiency operation with hard-working durability for whole-home comfort. This top series from Bryant is available in a variety of models to fit your system.


AFUE Rating

BWM up to 95%
BW9 90%
BW5 up to 86.5%
BW4 up to 86.5%
BW3 up to 84.4%

Legacy™ Line Boilers

The Legacy™ Line BW/BS Boiler combines affordability and reliability while providing excellent whole-home comfort. And efficient operation helps keep energy costs lower.


AFUE Rating

BS2 up to 82.7%

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