Thistlewood-New Construction

Mitsubishi Ductless Cooling and Heating Installation


This new build with a large floor plan was in need of an HVAC system that could provide a consistent temperature throughout each part of the home in the most efficient way possible.



Three Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Heat Pumps and 9 wall units were installed throughout the home, creating zones for heat and AC throughout the home that would ultimately cut costs on utility bills.

The Story

With building a new home comes the responsibility of choosing an HVAC system that fits the lifestyle of the family and needs of the structure itself. That’s something that came naturally for our owners, Scott and Christine Good, as they were building their new home in 2016. As they planned each detail of their new build, they were able to rest assured that a Mitsubishi Electric system would be the perfect fit for them. The efficiency of the system is unmatched, and you know when an HVAC professional, like Scott, decides to use this sort of solution on his own home, it must be worth every penny.

As they chose how to lay out their HVAC system, Scott and Christine knew based on the design of the house that the great room would be a gathering space for the family. Their home has a fantastic wall of windows in the great room on the north side of the home that stretches two stories, allowing for a beautiful view and natural light to fill the room. Unfortunately, these windows also pose serious challenges for heating and cooling, especially during extreme weather. Like many places here in Central PA, natural gas wasn’t readily available, and Scott and Christine were not interested in an oil heat or propane solution. That left them looking at options using electric heat, while also trying to ensure maximum efficiency and designing a system that would keep costs down.


The System

Mitsubishi’s Hyper-Heat system allowed them to have just this sort of flexibility. While many people may think of ductless as a way to heat or cool additions, basements or hard to heat areas in a home, it can also be used to heat and cool a whole home. Hyper-Heat Heat Pumps work well down to -17 degrees, making it perfect for just about anything mother nature dishes out in Central PA. Scott and Christine also knew in addition heating and cooling, this system does a great job of keeping humidity under control.

With 5500 square feet and a large open floor plan including an unfinished basement, Scott knew his home would require a robust system to make sure the air circulated well and there was adequate heat and air conditioning available. A total of three Mitsubishi Hyper Heat units were mounted on the side of the house versus on ground level like traditional pumps, allowing them to stay clear of any potential debris or snow. While a unit was paired with a central air handler to act as a central air system, the home was also fitted with a total of 10 wall units throughout the home, creating nine separate zones of comfort.

By creating multiple heating and cooling zones throughout the home, they could essentially “turn off” some rooms when they weren’t in use. Each zone could also have the temperature adjusted as needed, all with the click of a customizable remote control. The Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat Mini Split system also features Kumo Cloud, which allows the family to control the temperature from anywhere in the home through an app on their phone or mobile device. With kids heading back to college and only spending parts of the year at home, this system would prove to be extremely cost effective in terms of saving money on unused rooms.

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