Port Matilda

Mitsubishi Ductless Cooling and Heating Installation


Originally, this split-level house was heated using oil and hot water with no air conditioning system in place. With rising energy bills, inconsistent temperatures throughout the house, and only bulky window air conditioning units providing relief from summer temperatures, the homeowners wanted a change. They wanted efficient supplemental heat and central air conditioning for their entire home.


The Good Guys installed a two-zone Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat ductless system, providing an efficient and cost-effective HVAC solution. This system acts as their primary heat during the winter and central air conditioning during the summer. Now, the homeowners can say their home is the warmest and coolest it has ever been!

The Story

This beautiful split-level was built in 1987 and outfitted with only an oil, hot water system for heat. There was no central air in place, leaving noisy a/c window units as the owners’ only option to cool their house during the hot, humid summers of Central PA. Without a centralized system, the homeowners were plagued with inconsistent airflow that caused warm and cold spots throughout the home. 

After careful consideration of the homeowners’ situation and concerns, the Goodco team knew that a Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat ductless heat pump would be the perfect solution for their HVAC needs. While placement of the two indoor units in this split level home proved to be a bit of a challenge, our sales staff and engineers worked diligently to ensure a smooth and effective installation for these homeowners.

Goodco installed two indoor Mitsubishi units: one in the living room, one in the bedroom, creating two separate zones for heating and cooling their home. In addition to allowing them to silently provide a consistent temperature throughout their house, they simultaneously function as an air filtration system that works to remove airborne contaminants. Each indoor unit is equipped to maintain an even temperature throughout the entire household, or specifically customize the temperature within each of the two zones. They automatically adapt to any changes, such as the number of people in the room, to maintain each room at the specified temperature. 

These Port Matilda homeowners are now able to enjoy a comfortable home no matter the season!


The System

Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat systems are the ultimate HVAC solution for both heating and cooling. Unlike traditional heat pumps, the Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Heat Pump operates efficiently at temperatures as low as -13°F without the need for backup heat. Each system remains reliable and effective, keeping homes warm in the cold winter months and cool during the humid summer season, while reducing energy bills. 

These homeowners were able to keep their original hot water heat as backup heat, while their new Mitsubishi system performs as their primary heat source and adds air conditioning to their whole home. And a bonus to our homeowners is the fact that Mitsubishi systems are whisper quiet– a huge change from their old window AC units!

Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat systems are ENERGY STAR® certified, making them eligible for local utility rebates. This level of efficiency ultimately cuts energy costs for homeowners, giving them even more savings every month. Mitsubishi ductless systems offer advanced air filtration as well, removing particulates and contaminants from the air. For homeowners with asthma and allergies, this is a huge advantage!

As always with ductless system installations, slim duct was also used on the outside of the home running refrigerant piping from the outdoor unit to the two indoor units. Slim duct is available in different shades so that the homeowner can choose the one that best matches the exterior of their home.

As the only Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Elite Contractor in Central Pennsylvania, Goodco has installed over 1,200 Mitsubishi ductless systems in the past 6 years. It’s safe to say we know the nuances of installing these technical systems correctly and we’ve seen many customers reap the these super-efficient systems.

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