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Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat Mini Split System Installation


The Daughenbaughs were in need of a new air conditioning system that would replace their old window AC units. They entered our summer giveaway in hopes that their problems would be solved – and they were! 


We installed the Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Heat Pump they had won, in addition to a second unit that created two zones within their split-entry home. These zones allow the family to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the home more efficiently throughout both the summer and winter months.

The Story

Split-entry and split-level homes provide a lot of living area in a small footprint, but they are also notoriously hard to heat and cool. The different levels make air flow more of a challenge, and many homes in the area like this split-entry home in Penn Hills have to rely on baseboard heat rather than central air. 

Kathy and Steve Daughenbaugh were the lucky winners of our Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Pump giveaway. It turns out they were an ideal customer for us as well! The Daughenbaughs had been relying on electric baseboard heating and window air conditioners to cool their home in the summer. To make things worse, their lower basement level family room always seemed damp, and required a dehumidifier that ran almost constantly all summer long. 

Central Pennsylvania weather can do just about anything; especially in State College. One day it’s extremely hot and humid, and the next it’s cool and pouring down rain. This constant up and down temperature and humidity can easily lead to mold problems and musty smells. These homeowners decided it was time to make a change. The hassle of devoting a weekend in the Spring and one in the Fall to install, and then uninstall window a/c units throughout the house was getting to be a drag. And, of course, inevitably, we’ll get a surprise heat spell right after you’ve taken the window units out and stored them. 

By the time we were finished with this project, it was clear that Kathy and Steve Daughenbaugh were the perfect winners of our Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Heat Pump giveaway. By installing the heat pump and two indoor units, we were able to eliminate the need for their window AC units and dehumidifier, leaving them with a system that saves them both time and money. It is cases like this one that bring what we do full circle, and show just how much of a difference a new heating and air conditioning system can make on a family and the comfort they enjoy in their home. 


The System

When we went out to their home to discuss installation of their Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Heat Pump, the Daughenbaughs decided they also wanted to add a second wall unit that allowed us to create two zones of comfort; one for each floor of the home. The Hyper-Heat units consist of an outdoor heat pump and indoor wall mounted units called cassettes, which are located up and out of the way. We installed one unit in the downstairs family room and another on the upper level living room, making sure that the areas where the family spent the most time would be perfectly comfortable. After all, one of the biggest benefits of ductless is that the temperature is easily adjusted by a remote control, and the response is immediate. For homeowners used to having to wait ages for a room to heat up or cool down, this is a really nice change. 

This will benefit the Daughenbaughs tremendously, no matter the season. By creating two zones, they can save money by only heating and cooling the portion of the house where they are spending time. These zones also allow for a custom temperature for each unit, making it easy to adjust each one to fit the comfort level of those spending time in that room. 

The ductless units will provide state of the art cooling for the home, replacing all those inefficient and expensive to run window units. 

In addition, the air circulation and built in humidity controls will controls will eliminate the need for that dehumidifier as well, saving energy costs right there!

Efficiency is another key attribute of their new system, allowing us to help these homeowners bring costs down tremendously from what they were paying to run window units all summer. This efficiency level is just as effective in the winter too, maintaining a high level of efficiency down to -13 degrees.

Not only are these units efficient and money saving, they are also whisper quiet! The family will now not only enjoy perfect comfort on both levels of their home, they will not longer have to deal with the noise generated by window units and a dehumidifier. 


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