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Mitsubishi Hyper-heat system with Kumo Cloud Control


These homeowners were running window air conditioning units in the summer, and relying solely on baseboard heat in the winter. Their utility bills were higher than necessary, and hot and cold spots prevented them from having a consistent temperature throughout the home.



We installed a 5 zone Mitsubishi Hyper-heat system with Kumo Cloud Control. Now our customers have perfect comfort in five different areas of their home that can each be controlled separately. Every zone can be controlled remotely from a mobile device.

The Story

Split entry homes built in the 1980’s like this one in the Penn Hills neighborhood are quite common in our area. Getting good air circulation in these homes can prove to be a challenge, making them hard to heat and cool efficiently. Like many split entry homeowners, this family was struggling with hot and cold spots.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and our Penn Hills homeowners had friends who also had Mitsubishi Electric hyper-heat ductless systems and were happy with the results. So they decided to give the Good Guys a call. 

We met at their home to talk through the problems they were experiencing, and what we thought the best solution would be. We created 5 zones throughout their home based on usage and then spec’d appropriately sized systems for each. This allowed us to ensure comfort in areas like the kitchen, master bedroom, and family room, which can all, have very different demands for heating and cooling.


The System

Mitsubishi Electric Hyper Heat Ductless units act as both heating and air conditioning, and are controlled by a remote, allowing you to quickly adjust the temperature without leaving your chair. The units are responsive, meaning they monitor the room for humidity and overall temperature and distribute heat or air conditioning evenly throughout the space to ensure maximum comfort.

The individual zones will operate independently, allowing each family member to customize the temperature in their room giving everyone the exact comfort they want. These homeowners can even shut off zones when not in use, saving them more money on their utility bills.

These units are efficient down to -13 degrees, so they will still work well in almost any winter weather Mother Nature dishes out here in Central PA! They also work well in supplementing the existing baseboard heaters in the home.

The system is just as efficient in the summertime too, delivering air conditioning evenly throughout the home while staying whisper quiet and eliminating the need for those bulky, noisy window AC units.

These homeowners also chose to install Mitsubishi’s Kumo Cloud controller, allowing them to control the units remotely from an app on their phones, tablets, or computer. This feature gives them the ability to adjust the heating or cooling in each zone of their house from wherever they are. No more worrying about forgetting to reset the thermostat, or turning down the heat or AC before leaving their home. Not only is it convenient, but ultimately it saved them money on their utility bills.

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