Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Ductless System


Originally, Mike & Missy used an oil heating system that was unable to effectively heat their ranch home during the winter and had no air conditioning system to provide relief during the sweltering summer. With steadily rising energy bills and an inefficient system in place, the homeowners decided to call the Good Guys for a free estimate.


Goodco installed a 2-zone Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Ductless system, so the homeowners no longer have to rely solely on expensive oil heat. The Mitsubishi Electric system is a cost-efficient HVAC solution that can effectively heat or cool Mike & Missy’s home during any season.

The Story

When using oil heat, the homeowners struggled with hot and cold spots throughout their house while also having to pay more and more due to rising fuel costs. During the summer, their only relief from the heat came from placing fans throughout their home. This was ineffective and quite a chore each season, and they hated the look. After reviewing all of Mike & Missy’s concerns, the Goodco team decided that a 2-zone Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Ductless Heat Pump would be the perfect solution for their HVAC problems.

To blend the outdoor unit into the environment, the Good Guys used a discreet slim duct in a shade that matched the home’s exterior, while both indoor units were inconspicuously mounted near the top of the interior walls. Having to constantly refill their oil tank was not only an inconvenience for the homeowners, but wildly expensive. The Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Heat Pump is able to effectively heat their home, keeping the homeowners’ house warm at a fraction of the price of conventional oil systems.

Now, Mike & Missy no longer have the expense of refilling their oil tank or the hassle of bringing fans from storage—with the Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Heat Pump, they never have to worry about being comfortable, no matter what season it is!


The System

Unlike traditional heat pumps, the Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Heat Pump still functions efficiently in conditions as low as -13°F without the need for backup heat. Each Mitsubishi Electric system is designed to maximize comfort during the cold winter or humid summer season while simultaneously minimizing energy bills. As an ENERGY STAR® qualified system, the Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat system is eligible for local utility rebates, ultimately saving the homeowners more every month. Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Heat Pumps are unparalleled in energy efficiency, performance, and ease of cooling and heating control.

Since Mitsubishi Electric systems utilize a variable speed compressor, they are whisper quiet. This system silently adjusts to maintain a consistent temperature, providing year-round comfort during the summer, winter and every season in between. Through the Mitsubishi Electric Kumo Cloud app, the homeowners are able to control their heating and cooling system from anywhere with the touch of a finger. 

As the only Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Elite Contractor in Central Pennsylvania, Goodco has installed over 1,200 Mitsubishi Electric systems in the past 6 years. In that time, we’ve learn every facet of installing these heat pumps correctly and we’ve seen our customers reap the benefits of these highly efficient systems.

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