Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Cooling and Heating Installation


With only a Burnham oil hot water system and no air conditioning, Eddie & Linda Bell struggled to cool their two-story house in the summer months. After years of sweating through the humid Central PA summers, Eddie & Linda knew it was time for a change. The couple spends a lot of time in their kitchen, so having A/C in that room in particular was a must. Since they travel frequently, the homeowners wanted a HVAC system that provided the ability to control the settings in their home remotely.


After evaluating all of the homeowners’ concerns, the Good Guys designed and installed a 3-zone Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Heat Pump system. This system provides both central air and heat for the homeowners while remaining cost-effective and efficient. Their Burnham oil hot water system still serves as their main heat in the winter, while their new Mitsubishi system works as supplemental heat in early spring or fall. Multiple zones allow them to turn their A/C on in different rooms as needed, making it more cost efficient and allowing them to keep their busy kitchen cool – no matter the season. With the addition of the Mitsubishi Electric kumo cloud app, this system can be controlled from any location, allowing the couple to travel and adjust temperatures at home as needed.

The Story

Built in 1995, Eddie & Linda’s country cottage-style home was equipped with a Burnham oil boiler but no air conditioning. They love the even temperatures and moist heat they get from their hot water heater, but without a/c , they just weren’t happy. In the summer, the only relief from the heat and humidity came from noisy fans that simply moved around the hot air. Frustrated, the couple called Goodco for a free estimate.

After careful evaluation of the homes size and layout, the Good Guys installed a 3-zone Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Heat Pump. This was the perfect system for this couple as their home had no ductwork and they still wanted to maintain their oil boiler heating system. The installation took less than two days thanks to the hardworking ingenuity of the Goodco team.

“The installation was so clean and professional. From our initial meeting to the follow up, everything was first class.”

For Eddie & Linda, their favorite features of their new system are the cool relief of air conditioning and the Mitsubishi Electric kumo cloud app. Through the kumo cloud app, the couple is able to heat or cool their house from any location. Whenever the homeowners are traveling, they can remotely adjust the temperature to be the perfect temperature upon their return. Running out the door and forgot to adjust the thermostat? No worries! Simply change it while on the road! 

“We love your products and company so well we recommended your company to our friends… we truly love our A/C!”


The System

Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat systems provide the premium HVAC solution for whole home heating and cooling. This system operates efficiently even at temperatures as low as -13°F with no need for backup heat. For the Bells, it will work as backup heat in the event that their main system fails, putting their minds at ease even when they travel. Every Mitsubishi Electric system provides both heating and cooling relief year-round while simultaneously reducing energy bills. Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat Heat Pumps are ENERGY STAR® certified, making them eligible for local utility rebates. This level of efficiency ultimately cuts energy costs for homeowners, giving them even more opportunities for savings every month.

The installed 3-zone Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat system has three indoor units in total that were discreetly mounted on the couple’s bedroom, office, and living area walls. Each of these zones can either maintain a consistent temperature throughout the house or be customized with a different temperature for each zone, effectively eliminating any unwanted hot or cold spots. This system also provides advanced air filtration by silently removing particulates and contaminants circulating in the air.

Because travel is so important to Eddie & Linda, we installed the Mitsubishi Electric kumo cloud app, allowing them to control their home’s temperature from any location. So whether they are comfortable on the couch and want to adjust the temp, or thousands of miles away, it’s a simple click of a button on their app. Even when traveling, the couple can adjust for sudden weather shifts at home.

As always with ductless system installations, slim duct was also used on the outside of the home running refrigerant piping from the outdoor unit to the indoor units. Slim duct is available in different shades so the homeowner can choose the one that best matches the exterior of their home. 

As the only Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Elite Contractor in Central Pennsylvania, Goodco has installed over 1,200 Mitsubishi ductless systems in the past 6 years. It’s safe to say we know the nuances of installing these technical systems correctly and we’ve seen many customers reap the benefits of these super-efficient systems.

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