Chelsea Lane

Mitsubishi Ductless Cooling and Heating Fix


The owners of this bi-level home were looking for a more efficient and cost effective way to heat and cool their home. Keeping cool in our increasingly humid summers was the biggest problem. The home had lots of hot and cold spots, and their energy bills were really high due to electric heat and window AC units.



We installed a two zone Mitsubishi ductless Hyper-Heat system for the family room and kitchen that were on the main level, and an additional three zones of ductless heating, one in each bedroom on the upper level. The family now enjoys perfect comfort all year long in the five zones created, providing the solution they need while cutting energy bills dramatically.

The Story

We first met these homeowners when they attended our seminar on ductless systems at the Central PA Home & Garden show. They called several of our prior customers and asked them about what we had done to help them, and were pleased by the feedback they received. When we sat down and spoke with them, we knew that a Mitsubishi Ductless heat pump system would be a perfect solution.

The owners of this lovely bi-level home in the Chelsea Lane neighborhood in State College were looking for an energy-saving HVAC solution that provided year-round comfort. Built in 1978, they relied on electric baseboards and electric ceiling cable for heat, something you don’t see much of anymore in modern construction. They had to rely on noisy, inefficient window air conditioning units to try to remain cool in the summer, and it just wasn’t working for them anymore.

These issues are common for many homeowners. These people loved their home, but their electric baseboard and heating cable system was costing them a fortune. As with many bi-level and split-level homes, air circulation is a real problem. They often ended up with hot and cold spots throughout their home, never quite allowing them to be comfortable anywhere. The window air conditioning units were noisy and expensive to run, causing even more added costs to their utility bill.


The System

The Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat Heat Pump systems utilize super-efficient technology to transfer heat from the outdoors in, and reverse the process in warmer months. They are efficient down to -13 F unlike older heat pump systems, so they’re perfect for accommodating the sporadic weather changes that Mother Nature dishes out here in State College.

This system doesn’t require installation of extensive ductwork, making it perfect for older homes or homes that have electric baseboard heat. The main unit is installed outside, and then indoor units are hung on the wall in various areas throughout the home. Each unit creates a separate zone of heating and cooling, controlled by a simple remote control. The units distribute hot or cold air evenly throughout a room, and also monitor humidity, something we get our fair share of during Central PA summers.

By creating the individual zones, each family member can have the temperature they want in their bedroom at the touch of a button, without making anyone else hot or cold elsewhere in the house.

Each zone can also be shut off or the temperature reduced to save money when no one is home, or when a room is not being used. Between the increased control, and high-efficiency of these units, these homeowners will be able to cut the cost of their utility bill. Even in the dead of winter, these units will deliver heat at a much lower cost than the previous system. Because it is ductless, we didn’t have to remove any of the old equipment during installation, saving on costs and leaving the old system in place to act as a backup if needed. These homeowners no longer have the hassle of installing or removing their bulky window AC units. With the unpredictable weather of Central PA, that’s quite a relief!

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