Mitsubishi Ductless Cooling and Heating Fix


The homeowners of this split level were looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to heat and cool their home that worked with their newly installed windows. The home had lots of hot and cold spots, and they wanted a whole home solution that would keep them comfortable without adding ductwork.



We installed three zones of ductless heating and cooling with a Mitsubishi Hyperheat system. The family now has perfect comfort in each room of their home wile also cutting costs on their energy bills.

The Story

There’s nothing worse than making a big home improvement, like replacing all the windows, only to find that it’s created another dilemma: your old window air conditioners don’t fit anymore. This actually just provided the impetus that the owners needed to address another one of their concerns – noisy, bulky, unattractive window a/c units that were a pain to install and take down every year. 

These homeowners actually knew us from when their water heater wasn’t working. The Good Guys came in and replaced it without a problem. We were happy to hear that they appreciated our commitment to our customers and our professional installation. 

So when it came time to shop around for a ductless HVAC system they gave us a call. They compared prices from different contractors in the area and ended up choosing the Good Guys not because we had the lowest price, but because of our knowledge and experience. Goodco is the only Mitsubishi Diamond Elite contractor in the region. They knew they could rely on us for a professional and reliable service every step of the way. 

Their Boalsburg split-level home was built in 1979, has no central heat or air, or any ductwork. They have electric baseboard and ceiling cable heat and window air conditioners to try to keep ahead of the heat and humidity in summer. 

Like many split-level homes, air circulation is a real problem, making them prone to hot and cold spots. Making one room warm has the effect of making others sweltering. With each notch up on the heat or on the air conditioning, the more money you spend on energy bills and you’re still not really comfortable in your home.


The System

After our free evaluation, we knew that the Mitsubishi Hyperheat heat pump system would be a good fit for them. With multiple units that create zones throughout the home, this system does a great job of evenly spreading the heat in winter or the air conditioning in summer throughout the space. 

These new heat pump systems are incredibly efficient, heating well even when it’s -13F outside without the need for backup heat sources. In the summer, they provide maximum comfort, adjustable at the touch of a button. On top of that, this Mitsubishi ductless system allows them to enjoy their home without those ugly, noisy, window air conditioners! 

This system also featured an optional Wi-Fi control unit allowing them to control the system even when they are away from home! By creating separate zones of heating and cooling, our homeowners can heat or cool only the rooms in use. These state-of-the-art units are known for being miserly in their energy usage, leading to lower energy bills across the board. 

We didn’t remove the existing heating system, and it can still be used whenever it’s needed. The homeowners can use the ductless system just to add that touch of warmth to chilly rooms, or use it to be the main heating system for that space – it’s up to them. With these new ductless units, we suspect the old system will get less and less use, especially since the ductless system is more efficient and much less expensive to run.

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