WELCOME to My Page!

WELCOME to My Page!

WELCOME to My Page!


My name is Gus the Goodco Elf, and you can help me make the holidays even better!

The team at Goodco has put together a special holiday treat for you to simply say thank you. We appreciate your business! We also wanted to do something for those in our community who have a harder time staying warm during the winter.

We’ve committed to donating $100 to Out of the Cold when you post a picture of me on your Facebook page, tag @goodcoinc, and use the hashtag #GusTheElf. Plus, we’ll donate $1 for every time your post is shared, up to 25 shares.

To claim your gift and the gift for Out of the Cold, simply follow the instructions below.

Post my picture to Facebook

If you’re one of the lucky hosts where I stay, all you have to do is take my picture and post it to Facebook, tagging it with @goodcoinc and using the hashtag: #GustheElf.

Goodco Will Donate $100 to OUT OF THE COLD CENTRE COUNTY for every homeowner post with me

Encourage sharing of your post

BONUS DONATION! – Goodco will donate an additional $1 for every share that your photo gets, up to 25 shares. That means they will donate $125 just because of you!

Win a Gift Basket!

A basket with Gus, the Goodco Elf

Help Give the
Gift of Warmth!

A hundred dollar bill

This gift basket is full of hot chocolate, holiday mugs, and tasty homemade cookies made just for you! Simply fill out the form below and we will mark your entry complete.

Winners will be notified to pick up their gift at our office:
2591 Clyde Avenue, Suite 1
State College, PA 16801

Goodco wants to help others stay warm this winter, too. If you tag @goodcoinc on Facebook with a picture of me, Gus the Goodco Elf, next to your furnace, thermostat, or something HVAC, we'll donate $100 to Out of the Cold in your name. That's it! Thank you for letting us help to keep your home comfortable, and together we can help others stay warm this winter season.

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