Whole-Home Comfort
in Your Colonial
Two-Story Efficiency Plus Lower Bills

Every style of home presents unique challenges for efficiently heating and cooling…including Colonial-style homes. If you live in a Colonial, you know it’s difficult to get a comfortable temperature in both your main-floor living room and your upstairs bedrooms at the same time. Plus, if your basement was finished as living space after your house was built, chances are your furnace or A/C unit is working overtime to handle the extra load. All that extra work means high utility bills.

Does your home look similar to one of these? A new energy-efficient furnace, heat pump or A/C unit from Bryant can give you comfortable temperatures both downstairs and upstairs with lower energy bills.

All-Weather Efficiency

Older furnaces and air conditioners usually are single-stage models, which means the unit and blower are either on or off. There is no “in between,” making it tough to get whole-home comfort. With new, high-efficiency models from Bryant, you can reap the benefits of:

Modulating gas valve

Variable-speed compressor and blower

Separate zoning for first and second floors or additions

You get greater efficiency with a variable-stage unit because it can run at single-stage when it’s 45 degrees outside but kick into varying stages when the outside temperature falls to 10 degrees. Think of it like driving your car: You give it a little gas to drive 30 mph in town and more gas to get up to 70 mph on the interstate.

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