Water Purifiers

Do I need a water purifier?

A whole-home water purification system will filter out a variety of contaminants that affect your water quality and your health. Does your water smell bad? Does your ice have a funky flavor? If so, you may benefit from a purification system.

What things are filtered out of my water?


Your water may contain arsenic, iron and copper. Arsenic is particularly toxic, and dangerous levels of this in your body can be fatal.


Unfortunately, industrial and pharmaceutical byproducts can leach into your water supply. Use a water purification system to treat your drinking water for things like pesticides and hormones.


Your home’s water supply may contain viruses and bacteria. A good filtration system can help you stay healthier.

 An added bonus of a whole-home purification system is that it can maintain your water’s pH level. A low pH level can cause damage to your pipes.

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